University of Houston-Clear Lake impacts our region through exceptional educational programs provided by engaged faculty and dedicated staff. We continue to build on that success by adding new programs and creating opportunities.

We are expanding our 45-year commitment to opening doors to accessible education through a number of exciting new ways with “Impact 2025 and Beyond,” the theme for our new strategic plan and the pathway to our future. With the assistance of the new plan, we better understand our role and how we impact and educate future leaders.

Since 2018 and the development of the new vision, mission and values, we have been strategically planning the future, launching the Balanced Scorecard in early 2019 with the assistance of the Balanced Scorecard Institute, and developing and refining the plan throughout the rest of 2019 with help from many of you. We will begin implementation of the plan this year. By embracing our values, supported by four strong strategic themes that will produce strategic results, we will support the university’s new vision and mission and we will be ready to carry forward “Impact 2025 and Beyond.”

Ira K. Blake, Ph.D.
University of Houston-Clear Lake


The University of Houston-Clear Lake will lead as a learner-centered university dedicated to achieving national prominence in transformative education grounded in creative activities, innovative research, and community partnerships that serve regional, state, and global locations. UHCL launches your future!


The University of Houston-Clear Lake places its highest priority on serving a diverse body of students in every aspect of their university experience. UHCL’s teacher scholars provide high quality, student-centered undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students to thrive in a competitive workplace and to make meaningful contributions to their communities. UHCL fosters critical thinking and lifelong learning through a strong legacy of vibrant community partnerships complementing its historical focus on teaching, research, creative activity, and service.


1. Learner-focused

UHCL is committed to maintaining and building strong degree plans that foster creativity and critical thinking. We are invested in our students and are committed to their growth, development, and transformation.

Impact: Inspire individuals to grow to their fullest potential

2. Transformation

UHCL empowers individuals to learn, grow, and develop as leaders and contributors. We support, and foster leadership and collaboration among students, faculty, and staff.

Impact: Forge Visionary leaders who are agents of change in their fields.

3. Innovation

UHCL cultivates fearless imagination when creating new programs, teaching methods, and research opportunities that prepare students to meet the challenges of changing global economy. We are attuned to social, economic and environmental changes and take timely action to respond to them.

Impact: Deliver the solutions to challenges of today and tomorrow.

4. Diversity and Inclusion

UHCL embraces inclusion and cultivates diversity at all levels of the institution. We celebrate our status as a Hispanic-serving institution. We welcome students, staff, faculty, and partners from different nationalities, races, ethnicities, ages, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and physical abilities into our family and values identity through the lens of intersectionality.

Impact: Create an inclusive community that develops well-rounded individuals who contribute to the global society.

5. Resilience

UHCL embodies perseverance, passion, commitment, resolve and grit to bring positive change to the university and community.

Impact: Evolve as a community to persevere through challenges and adversity.

 6. Service

UHCL is committed to community values, partnerships and collaboration. We create a service culture among faculty, staff, and students. UHCL maintains strong sustainable relationships by engaging various stakeholders to achieve mutual goals and objectives.

Impact: Develop leaders who foster the growth and well-being of the communities they serve.

7. Integrity

UHCL fosters honesty and trust among all internal and external constituents. We are committed to our values and being accountable to our constituency in an atmosphere of generosity and kindness.

Impact: Build a community of trusted individuals.

8. Sustainability

UHCL maintains stewardship over resources including but not limited to university finances and operations, the socio-physical environment.

Impact: Make a difference in our world for generations to come.


UHCL’s strategic themes are value based pillars that act as the foundation of the strategic plan. The Strategic Management Team, comprised of university, faculty senate and alumni leadership, worked together to define these themes as Educational Achievement, Inclusive Culture, Innovation through Collaboration and University Identity.

Educational Achievement

Provide innovative and experiential learning opportunities that promote student success. Strengthen interdisciplinary collaborations across the university that enhance the students’ experience throughout their academic and professional careers. Support educational experiences through the optimization and stewardship of educational resources.

Inclusive Culture

Institutional culture values diversity in many forms, resulting in an intersectional identity for students, faculty, staff and community. University supports the campus community, resulting in meaningful engagement and a positive campus climate. Development and advancement is achieved through institutional programming focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Innovation through Collaboration

Student opportunities involving internal and external partnerships that engage the community, alumni, employees, and educational institutions, resulting in students making positive contributions to society. New knowledge generated by innovative scholarly activities produced by partners, students and faculty in response to societal opportunities and challenges.

University Identity

Recognition as an institution that delivers distinctive integrated learning opportunities that invest in stakeholder experiences. The institution is committed to investment in human capital and innovative leadership which maximize the quality of the social, economic and cultural environment.


The strategic objectives act as the road map of the strategic plan. Each objective is linked to the next, illustrating how the accomplishment of one objective leads to the success of another.

Organizational Capacity

1. Improve Value of Diversity and Inclusion

Improve value of diversity and inclusion by fostering a campus culture that promotes an environment of respect and appreciates individual differences along varying dimensions thus minimizing cultural biases and systemic inequities.

Intended Results:

  • Improve foundational understanding of diversity

2. Improve Technology

Recognize the central role that technology plays in both the academic and support units across the institution by enhancing the use of emerging technology.

Intended Results:

  • Increased capacity for exploring new technology

3. Improve Learning Resources

Develop resources that will enable the community-at-large to achieve their academic and career goals, such as internship opportunities, career advising, professional development, study support, study abroad opportunities and faculty engagement in student spaces. Increase on and off campus resources that will enhance experiences for traditional and non-traditional students.

Intended Results:

  • Increased scholarship opportunities through increase of funding (A)
  • Improved experiential learning (B)
  • Increased number of program opportunities (C)

4. Improve Workload Management

Create work environments for faculty and staff that align with their duties, incentivize creativity, break down silos and strive for efficiency.

Intended Results:

  • Improved alignment between employee workloads and responsibilities
  • Improved alignment between workload metrics and performance

University Process

5. Improve Campus Diversity

Develop competencies and capacities that recognizes individuals and groups with diverse backgrounds and experiences and infuses diversity into learning, training and outreach opportunities as a means of increasing critical and flexible thinking skills, use of multiple perspectives, global awareness and cross-cultural competency.

Intended Results:

  • Increased student, faculty and staff engagement in diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Enhanced integration of diversity across university activities

6. Improve Collaborative Community Presence

To improve alignment of resources with priorities and increase revenue, UHCL must create innovative, collaborative programs which engage our internal and external partners while valuing diversity and inclusiveness.  Collaborative partnerships focus on increasing the scope of university initiatives and engaging key participants in achieving its mission.

Intended Results:

  • Constituents participate in collaborative programming
  • Leverage and increase the number of collaborations with external partners

7. Improve Student Experience Process

Increase access, success and engagement pathways for all types of students, including domestic, international, residential, commuter, graduate and undergraduate students.

Intended Results:

  • Improve and increase campus activities and initiatives to enroll, retain and graduate students
  • Improve the development of student marketable skills with new learning opportunities

8. Improve Business/Academic Operations

Increase productivity for all resources required to support business and academic operations.

Intended Results:

  • Access to Data Warehouse
  • Access to Data Visualization Tools
  • Managers have process improvement targets

9. Improve Communication

Create a multi-channel learning of sharing information with internal and external audiences.  Provide guidance and instruction to all university partners regarding how we may effectively and efficiently communicate university messaging. Include personnel from across the institution in the process of creating, disseminating and implementing communications processes.

Intended Results:

  • Use at least three channels for all communication efforts
  • Align enrollment communications with recruitment/retention goals
  • Consistent messages are created and disseminated

Resource Stewardship

10. Increase Revenue

Generate new direct revenue that exceeds the value of resources required to implement those strategic initiatives.

Intended Results:

  • Increase and retain student enrollment
  • Increase non-tuition revenue

11. Improve Alignment of Resources with Priorities

Knowledgeable and skilled faculty, staff and administrators created through an environment that actively encourages continued development to support the University’s strategic goals. 

Analyze scores to make measurable decisions that ensure the alignment of programs and initiatives with strategic objectives.

Intended Results:

  • University initiative process aligns resources with alignment score
  • Annual gainsharing model based on metric achievement based on department strategic target.
  • Annual stretch goals.

12. Reduce Costs

Develop and implement processes that reduce the resources, per outcome, required by the program. Optimize resources and operations to reduce operating costs.

Intended Results:

  • Decreased average operating costs

Students and Stakeholders

13. Improve UHCL Experience

The UHCL experience is about increased partnerships with alumni, improved student demonstration of acquired skills and experiences, and increased faculty and staff connections with students through research, instruction and service learning.

Intended Results:

  • Increased integrated learning opportunities among faculty, staff and students

14. Improve Innovation

Support opportunities that foster an environment that promotes the creation of new and/or improved solutions to real-world problems, issues or challenges. This innovative culture requires creativity, multiple perspectives and expertise, flexibility and willingness to embrace risks.

Intended Results:

  • Develop academic and service opportunities that are solution-focused, creative and include multiple perspectives
  • Increase collaborative partners

15. Increase University Recognition

Increase the university’s presence as an educational opportunity, community resource, online service provider and regional economic driver.  Increase the university’s presence as an educational content expert. Elevate the university’s brand to be consistent across all platforms and audiences.

Intended Results:

  • Maintained or improved university ranking
  • Increased resources to support institutional development
  • Internal and external brand recognition

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Since 2018, UHCL took the first steps in launching its strategic plan, including a new vision, mission and core values. This collective effort is now reflected in our new plan, Impact 2025 and Beyond. To learn more about the process, visit the links below.